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Our black liquorice is full flavored and aromatic, with the distinctive taste of real liquorice root and is 98% fat free! Product of AustraliaPacked in a 6.5 oz. Pouch..
Orange Fruit Slices may look like genuine orange slices and have a great orange flavor, but customers can devour these succulent, sugar coated jelly treats peel and all. And these tasty slices are perfect cake decorations, drink garnishes, and dress up any candy buffet...
Sweet and tangy, Lemon Fruit Slices burst with flavor and color. These delightful jelly candies bear an amazing resemblance to real lemon slices, but are far friendlier to the taste buds. Coated with sugar, soft Lemon Fruit Slices are a sweet and tangy treat, and can be used to garnish drin..
Cherry Fruit Slices are the kind of soft and sweet treat that's very versatile and beloved for generations. Jelly fruit slices make attractive and tasty cake decorations and cocktail garnishes. Fruit Slices are top rated by our customers for good reason, they're soft, chewy, and richly flavo..
With their deep green color and flawless appearance, customers may mistake these Lime Fruit Slices for the real thing. But the delicious flavor and sugar coating makes these sweet treats much more fun. Lime Fruit Slices are terrific for adding a brilliant garnish to drinks, creative cake dis..
Assorted Flavor Mini Fruit Slices is a colorful collection of some of our most popular flavors of fruit jellies.  Mini fruit slices are a great addition to toppings bars, and decorating baked goods.Packed in 6.5 ounce pouch sealed for freshness..
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