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Do to summer heat and with UPS not guaranteeing shipments, we are not shipping chocolates

from  June 1st through August 31st

We are sorry for any inconvenience

Signature Chocolates

 Cara Crackine - Biscuit pieces mixed inside caramel                                    

Sea Salt Caramel - Mediterranean sea salt in creamy caramel

 Dark Chocolate Caramel-  Shelled in either milk or dark chocolate Belgian chocolate, then filled with creamy caramel 


Lemon Meringue- White chocolate ganache blended with lemon puree shelled in dark chocolate

 French Toast- Maple syrup blended in milk chocolate infused with organic cinnamon shelled in milk chocolate

 Italian Roast - Whole Italian espresso beans submerged in chocolate cream and covered in dark chocolate

Earl Grey

Irish Cream


Chocolate Ganache


 Vanilla Butter Cream


Saint Domingue

Italian Roast