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Valentine's Day

 Available in milk, dark or white chocolate...
Chocolate Hearts Chocolate Hearts
16 solid chocolate hearts available in our Belgian milk or dark chocolate...
Conversation heart box filled with our assorted milk and dark chocolate non-pareils. ***No guarantees on phrase selected...
A clear tote filled with 8 oz. of milk or dark chocolate foil wrapped hearts.      ..
4 oz bag of solid milk chocolate lips     ..
Rich, creamy Belgian chocolate in a 1.5 oz bar.Available in milk, dark, or white Chocolate..
Peanut Butter Hearts
An 8 piece box of milk or dark chocolate hearts with a creamy peanut butter center...
Our Valentine non pareils are made with white, red and pink beads Sold in 8 oz bags with a red bow. Available in milk, dark and white chocolate...
1 lb of the freshest strawberries dipped in our rich Belgian milk, dark or white chocolate. Approximately 8-10 strawberries per pound. Quantity depends on the size of berries available at the time of order.***Strawberries should be consumed the same day of purchase to ensure freshness..
Rich, creamy Belgian chocolate in a 1.5 oz bar. Available in milk, dark, or white chocolate...
Foiled Chocolate Ladybugs Foiled Chocolate Ladybugs
4 oz bag of milk chocolate ladybugs..
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