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Chocolate football pops made with our rich Belgian chocolate. Select either milk or dark chocolate.The pop weighs approximately  1.5 oz. ..
Rich Belgian chocolate molded into our favorite team logo. Our 4oz. bar measures 5" by 2". Your choice of milk or dark chocolate...
Sit back relax and enjoy the game while snacking on the Eagles Chocolates.The Eagle's mini chocolate come in a 10 piece bag, available in our Belgium milk or dark chocolate...
Eagles Pretzel Tray
When you've had too many wings then you'll need something sweet.Our 1.5 lb tray filled with chocolate pretzels, non-pareils and a chocolate Eagle will surely satisfy...
Crispy Tom Sturgis pretzels dipped in our rich Belgian chocolate and striped in Eagles green.  Eight pretzels to a bag dressed with a green bow.  Available in milk, dark or assorted chocolate...
One of our most popular items, our non-pareils are handmade with our rich Belgian chocolate dropped on green & white beads. Sold in 8 oz bags with a green bow. Available in milk, dark and assorted chocolate...
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